MGG – Multiplayer Gravity Gun


May the force be with you 🙂

Gravity gun

All the animations are network replicated

The blue laser atract objects

Fully replicated animations

The red laser repels objects

MGG – Multiplayer Gravity Gun for Unreal Engine

MGG is a fully multiplayer replicated template in which your character has a gravity gun. The gravity gun attracts objects that are hit by the blue laser beam, and repel them with the red laser beam.
Everything is replicated and configurable.


Most of the logis are coded in BP_LaserCharacter

Configurable variables

  • AttractionForce: choose yourself the power of attraction of the blue ray
  • RepulsiveForce: choose yourself the repulsion power of the red ray
  • ObjectDistance: choose the distance at which the object starts to rise

Help and support

If you need help, we can talk on discord 🙂