MTG - Multiplayer Gravity Template

MGT 1.4 – Multiplayer Gravity Template for Unreal Engine

Create dynamic and replicated gravity in a multiplayer video game

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MGT 1.4 – Directional Gravity in a Multiplayer Game

New feature – centrifugal gravity (run inside a sphere, run inside a cylinder)

MGT Tuto (english version)

MGT Tuto (en Français)

Create your own custom gravity generators

Implement nice animations with directional gravity in 3 minutes

MGT – Multiplayer Gravity Plugin is also working in UE 5 (Unreal Engine 5)

MGT and Voxel Plugin – Planetary Gravity (a module dedicated to Voxel Plugin is provided in MGT to apply spherical gravity only for players)

With a few tweaks it is even possible to apply real dynamic gravity on Voxel Plugin planets (not provided in MGT)

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Imagine an FPS in which players can run at the ceiling, imagine a soccer game that is played on a spherical field.

Multiplayer Gravity Template (MGT) allows you to create video games in which you can run with your friends on the ceiling, around a sphere, around a cube and around any type of shape you can imagine.

MGT is a template that allows video game makers who use Unreal Engine to apply modified and dynamic gravity in a multiplayer universe.

Multiplayer Gravity Template (MGT) manages the entire gravity and replication system across the internet.

The game creator just has to drag and drop the gravity generators he wants into his map and focus on his game design.