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Hole in wall

Get hole in wall : Hole in wall is an asset for Unreal Engine that allow game developper to create procedural holes in their games. Hole in provided a multiplayer replicated wall pass gun that allow players to create holes on the walls and in the floor. Players and objects can fall inside holes …

Multiplayer Protal Gun

MPG – Multiplayer Portal Gun

MPG – Multiplayer Portal Gun for Unreal Ungine MPG – Multiplayer Portal Gun is a template that allows game creators to introduce portals into their multiplayer games. Available features: – create replicated portals on any wall – automatic portal management – adjustment of the positioning of the portal – physics synchronization – falls into the …

MML – Multiplayer Magnifying Laser

Get MML – Multiplayer Magnigying Laser : MML is a template for video game creators using Unreal Engine. It contains an enlarging laser beam as well as a shrinking laser beam. The system is replicated in multiplayer. It works on both items and players. It’s also compatible with Unreal Engine 5.

VGT – UE5 compatibility

VGT – UE 5 Release – migration In AC_VGT_GravityComponent : please replace the first cast of in the begin play by « Cast to WheeldVehiclePawn » For UE5 – Early Access The cast is different in early access (not the same as the one for UE5.0 release) To solve extrem lag problem (do this ONLY if you …

MGT – Unreal 5.1 compatibility

MGT 5.1 – AI bug fix On Unreal 5.1, MGT’s AI encounters a micro bug The bug is fixed 🙂 MGT + Unreal Engine 5 If your computer is not powerful enough to run Unreal 5.0 properly, you can watch this video